Best Oster Clippers

When it comes to hair clippers and trimmers, there are lots of manufacturers on the market and they all offer a wide variety of models. Prices also range from very cheap to very expensive, so it may be quite difficult to choose the best model.

Oster is among the renowned producers of clippers, and its products are highly appreciated by professionals all over the world. You will see their products in plenty of hairstyling and barber salons, but there are also lots of home users that are using them. 

Let’s begin by taking a look at some of the best Oster clippers.

Best Oster Clippers of 2020


1. The Oster Classic 97 Professional Hair Clipper

Oster Classic 97 Professional Hair Clipper (220v)

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This is a premium clipper designed for heavy use in a professional environment. Not only it can work for hours on end each day, but if it’s maintained properly, it can last for many years to come. The motor delivers enough power for dry, wet or thick hair, but it’s also quiet enough to not become disturbing after long use. 

The housing of this clipper is very solid, making it withstand accidental falls. Thanks to the Cryogen-X blade system, you can quickly and easily change blades. In order to have the blades cut smoothly in the long term, make sure to oil them regularly. 

After you manage to get over the power cord voltage issue which some people had (make sure to read the information on the website you are buying it from and have the clipper match your country’s voltage), you will be more than satisfied by this device.

Users were very pleased, and you can see that in the positive ratings and reviews.


2. The Oster ProPower 606 Clipper

Oster - 606 Pro Power Professional Hair Clipper

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This is yet another stylish and solid device made by Oster, that comes with a powerful and not too loud pivot motor. The touch lever control will allow you to adjust the blade from size 000 to size 1, and you can buy various accessories separately. 

While it is solid and withstands shocks, it weighs 1.8 lbs., so you can easily use it for longer periods of time without getting tired. Sure, it’s not as light as other clippers made of plastic, but it’s not too heavy either.

The reviews are great, and some clients have been using this model for 15 years with no problems.

Of course, we are talking here about occasional home use (twice a month), but even when it comes to heavy daily usage, the device can last for many years.

Make sure to oil it regularly to maintain the blades. They offer smooth cutting with enough power while being quiet and not heating up.


3. The Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

Oster Professional Hair Clippers, Classic 76 for...

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This device maintains the classic look of the Oster clippers, but it also has a modern touch: it is available in a wide variety of colors. It has a single speed, yet offers enough power even for the thickest of hair. It includes 2 detachable blades of sizes 000 and 1, but also a blade guard, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush and a clipper grease. 

The housing is solid and will make it withstand shocks and last for many years to come. The Oster clippers, in general, are renowned for their long term durability, powerful motors, and great performance.

It is able to function perfectly for hours on end, without heating up or losing power. 

Oster has been making high-quality clippers and trimmers for more than 120 years now, and you will feel this when using any of their models. The ergonomic design of this one reduces fatigue when used for a prolonged time, and it also comes with a useful hanging loop.

The reviews on the Oster Classic 76 are quite good.


4. Oster Titan Clipper Model 76076-310

Oster 76076-310 Titan Clipper

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Yet another classic yet powerful device from Oster, it has the same powerful motor that cuts through all types of hair (including wet, dry or curly). You have 2 available speeds to choose from, depending on the thickness of the hair you are cutting.

The housing is solid just like the previous clippers, withstanding rough environments and accidental drops. 

Comb attachments are bought separately, and you will receive 2 blades (size 000 and 1). Some users reported that the clipper gets warm quite fast, but nothing too extreme or unbearable. The cord is long enough to allow you to move freely when cutting the hair of a client in a saloon.

Clients were very satisfied and most reviews are positive. It also comes with blade oil and motor grease, but no clear instructions about the process. So you will have to do some research online on that.


5. The Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Pet Clipper

Oster Pro 3000i Cordless Pet Clippers with Size 10...

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Don’t imagine that Oster only makes old-school looking clippers. It also produces modern and cordless devices, including some for pets. This is one of them and it looks good and works great for grooming dogs, cats, horses and livestock.

The motor runs at a speed of 3,000 strokes per minute, and the cordless design gives you total freedom when working with animals of all kinds.

Once the battery is fully charged, it will give you up to 2 hours of run time without losing power. The set includes the battery, the charging stand and a size 40 blade. But it is also compatible with various other blades made by Oster.

These are made of high quality carbon steel and they are handcrafted according to strict standards in order to offer precision and performance.

Clients have successfully used this clipper on various animals, from small pets to large farm animals. The reviews are good and the price is premium, but it’s well worth it.


6. The Oster A6 Paw Print 3-Speed Pet Clipper

Oster A6-3 Speed Clipper - Paw Print 78006-126

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Let’s have a look at one more clipper made for animals by Oster, and as the name suggests, this one also has a cute design. The motor is powerful enough to handle a wide variety of animal hair and fur, and it works at 3 different speeds. 

This model also features a patented angled eccentric drive system and special isolators that absorb vibrations and noise so that the animal is not disturbed.

A size 10 blade is included, but you can also use other blades designed for Oster clippers. The device is very slim and lightweight, allowing for easy use even for prolonged periods of time. It doesn’t overheat or get stuck in the coat, and it has been successfully used by professional groomers that are trimming multiple animals each day.

No matter the thickness of the fur, the A6 pet clipper did its job perfectly.



Best Oster Clippers Buying Guide

So as you can see, there are plenty of good Oster clippers to choose from. And these were just 6 examples, but the company makes plenty of other models. Here are a few things to take into consideration before choosing one:



If you are or want to become a professional hairstylist or barber, you know that you will be using the clipper for multiple hours each day. So you want a solid device that withstands intense usage, and that has a powerful motor that works consistently (does not lose power when the battery runs out).

The blades need to be solid as well, and to handle all types of hair. If you are planning to use the clipper for occasional home use (for example once every week or so), then you can get a cheaper and less powerful device, and also one that is cordless and allows for more flexibility. 


Strokes per minute

For professional use, you will definitely need a powerful motor and solid blades that have a high number of strokes per minute. This way you will easily be able to cut through any type of hair or beard.

But luckily, the clippers made by Oster usually have very good blades and powerful motors that work at a high number of strokes per minute.



Some clippers come with a multitude of extra tools and accessories, and that can be a great thing. This is especially true for a beginner that is just learning the secrets of the trade, and this way you won’t have to search for accessories separately.

You just buy a single product and you can get started right away. Compare multiple models and see which one comes with more accessories at the same price.


Noise and Heat

Especially if you plan on using the clipper for multiple hours each day in a professional setting, you want it to make less noise and to not heat up too quickly. The manufacturers usually do not mention anything about this aspect, so make sure to read the customer reviews for each model.

If some people encountered heating problems or unbearable noise, they will surely mention this in the reviews section. 


Corded or cordless

Each type has its own pros and cons. Obviously, a cordless clipper offers more freedom. Not only you will be able to move more easily when cutting your hair or someone else’s, but you will also be able to take the device with you when travelling and always have that perfect haircut or beard that you love.

But a battery does not last for too long, and the clipper usually loses power when it’s not fully charged. On the other hand, a corded device does not offer the same freedom, but at least it works consistently, having the same cutting power no matter what. So it’s up to you to decide which type fits better with your needs. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Are these clippers heavy?

Most of the clippers made by Oster are known for their solid design that withstands shocks and falls. This also makes them a bit heavier than other models, but it’s nothing too extreme. Both men and women have used the Oster clippers with no problems. 


Are the clippers very loud?

Oster is known to make quality clippers that are not too loud. If a motor is more powerful and works at a higher speed, then it’s quite normal to make a bit more noise. But don’t worry, because it’s nothing too extreme or unbearable. 


Do I get a warranty?

This usually depends from model to model and from store to store. Some stores offer a warranty, while others don’t. Some even ask for more money in exchange of a warranty, so make sure to read the product description carefully. 


Can I use external combs with the clipper?

Yes, you can. Some of their devices have attachment combs included in the package while others don’t, but you can buy them separately. 


Will the clipper get hot?

It’s quite normal for a clipper to get warm, especially after hours of continuous use. But the Oster clippers are well designed and they will not get extremely hot. If that happens to your model, you may want to contact the store where you got it from, as the device may not function properly.


What is included in the package?

This depends a lot on the model you are choosing. Some do not include anything extra, while others come with a multitude of tools and accessories. Among them you will find multiple comb attachments, a cleaning brush, scissors and a comb, and lubricating oils. So make sure to read the product description and try to choose a model that comes with more extra tools. 


Is the clipper water resistant?

Most clippers made by Oster are not water resistant. When cleaning the device, you will have to detach the blades and only clean them. Make sure to not get the clipper wet, especially when it is plugged in.

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