7 Tips On How To Shave Your Face Without Getting A Rash

how to shave your face without getting a rash

Guide On How To Shave Your Face Without Getting A Rash

Though beards are trending all over the world, the maximum number of people prefer having a clean shaved face due to various reasons.

One of the reasons for people opting to shave is maintaining a beard. It is as hard as handling long hair and requires constant attention for it to be perfect all the time.

If not it grows out to be quite erratic which is why you should know how to shave your face without getting a rash.

Shaving is a necessity for millions of people; however, most times it turns out to be an irritating activity, especially for people who have sensitive skin.

This often leads to ingrown hairs, rashes, and various other issues. However, there are a few tips which would help a person to overcome these problems as well as keep all discomfort at bay or to its minimum and aids in keep skin in excellent condition.

Through this article, you will go over numerous techniques that will make shaving a hassle-free task. Have a look!

7  Tips On How to Shave Your Face without Getting a Rash

1. Checking The Razor

Investing in a quality shaving razor for sensitive skin is a must if you want to avoid bumps or getting a rash. Our recommended razors for sensitive skins are:

One of the most essential tools of shaving is a razor. It is ideal to use new razor blades every time an individual opts for shaving his beard.

However, it is not possible as most can’t afford to opt for new blades or might simply have no time to get new blades before shaving.

Due to this, there are specific aspects which should be one can choose for keeping his razor in the best possible shape.

First of all, make sure to change razor blades as frequently as possible. In any standard time, every blade should be replaced after using it for two weeks.

However, this completely depends on how often an individual uses his razor and also how quickly his razor worn out.

Another idea which is quite remarkable is to use single blade ones if a person’s skin is susceptible to irritation or rashes.

Though it might not offer a clean shave like an individual wanted but will definitely help in resisting from irritation.

Secondly, always ensure that a razor is always clean which is how to shave your face without getting a rash. While shaving, it is suggested that after every swipe an individual should rinse his razor for efficient functioning.

It is wise to do so, as it assists in keeping razors effective by cleaning hair and cream which eventually helps in keeping germs from spreading.

After shaving is done, a person should clean his razor carefully by applying rubbing alcohol which kills all germs before leaving it in a place to dry.

2. Applying Warm Water On Beard

Facial hairs are often quite hard but soften when warm water is used. This is because people’s facial hair absorbs moisture that leads to its swelling up. These hair follicles when swollen up become weak that makes cutting them quite easy.

Hence, applying warm water on areas where one intends to shave will help in softening the unruly rough facial hairs which allow a person to shave easily, this is also quite crucial as it aids in preventing ingrown hairs’ formation, especially if a person shaves his face.

Ingrown hair can be quite irritating, and many times create small skin infection which becomes glaringly obvious sometimes.

Similarly, like using single blade razors affect close shaving, having one’s skin subject to hot water have the same effect. However, it aids in avoiding ingrown hair, rashes, and various other irritations.

People who suffer from these issues understand how troublesome it is to go through it. Therefore, it is worthwhile for giving up a close shave for having smooth and happy skin.

3. Lubrication

Using supreme quality lubrication is a must when having facial hair. Utilizing any quality shaving gel or cream will aid in going through the shaving process efficiently. Our recommended shaving crems are:

It prevents having a rough scraping on the skin that eliminates the chance of getting skin irritation easily. Most people who regularly shave their facial hair understand the benefits of using such quality products which offers a remarkable outcome for their skin.

If an individual has sensitive skin, then it is suggested to choose a lubricant which doesn’t have a high quantity of perfume, this is due to the fact that highly perfumed product might cause irritation even before one starts to shave.

When purchasing shaving gel or cream, one can always look for different products which help in dealing with sensitive skin.

Also always ensure testing it in a small amount before applying it on a larger surface. This way a person can come to the conclusion that whether a gel, cream, or foam causes any bad reaction to his skin.

This will prevent one from ending with big rashes and other issues due to that shaving product as it is better to be safe than sorry in such scenarios.

Something important to remember: If a person has a coarse beard then using pre-shave oil is quite helpful. It not only softens robust facial hair but allows razors to cut it easily without going through any irritation due to hair pulling skin during a shave.

4. Using A Brush For Applying A Cream

To eliminate the possibility of razor burn or rash, one should always use a brush. A synthetic brush works quite well but nothing is better than a badger brush. Our recommended shaving brushes are:

A brush aids in raising facial hair which offers closest possible shave. Also, it assists in creating a rich lather with a shaving gel or cream. Furthermore, it removes all dead skin cells which greatly reduce the chance of rash and razor burn.

When purchasing shaving brushes, it is ideal to select a brush that has soft bristles which will create the foamy lather as well as firm enough to raise facial hair for a close shave.

5. Shaving Technique To Follow

To avoid having rashes or razor burn, one requires learning to shave correctly. Most people learn it after they try it for the first time.

If one knows the right technique then it will make a huge difference when it comes to shaving. Always keep in mind to apply less pressure as well as opt for smaller strokes as it offers less resistance, lesser irritation, few scraping and nicks.

  • Shaving In Direction Of Beard Growth:

This is popularly known as shaving with the grain. One should start from the cheeks before moving to the mustache area and lastly chin portion.

One should know that chin area’s hairs are coarse which is why the longer it stays under shaving cream, softer it will become before shaving it.

If an individual is unsure of his facial hairs’ growth direction, then let it grow for some days and one will notice the growth pattern.

  • Minimal Pressure And Short Strokes:

Safety razors are often much heavier than cartridge and disposable razors. The key here is not pressing much and letting gravity do all the work while the person simply holds onto the razor lightly.

Also, always use short strokes that assist in avoiding putting too much pressure on the razor that might lead to a rash.

  • Rinsing Blade:

Use hot water to clean blades before one begins shaving and after each stroke. This not only removes cream but also removes shaves hair which interferes with a close shave.

Make sure to follow these shaving techniques as without it you will definitely face skin rash, irritations, and numerous other skin issues which every sensitive skin man wants to avoid.

6. Post Shave Use Cold Water

After shaving, a person should use cool water to rinse his face as it soothes his skin and also eliminates the possibility of ingrown hair.

Using cold water aids skin’s blood vessels to contract which reduces bleeding from small nicks as well as swelling. After this, pat with clean towels for drying face and not rub one’s face with it, as it is quite sensitive after a shave.

7. Use Aftershave Moisturizer

An individual should wrap up his shave by applying aftershave lotion or moisturizer. Since shaving might remove two skin layers, it is vital that a person uses a supreme quality aftershave moisturizer to soothe skin adequately. Our recommended aftershave moisturizer to shave without getting a rash are:

The ideal aftershave moisturizers contain ingredients which offer one a refreshed and cool skin, aftershave moisturizers act as aftershave balm even which is the best way to calm skin and replace a lost moisturizer.

Also, use aftershave which is made especially for men. These are generally free of fragrance and helps in absorbing quickly. Also, these are not greasy and dry with a matte finish that prevents a face to look shiny.

Note: Avoid aftershaves which are alcohol based as they aggravate skin which leads to rashes, irritation and more.

Hence, if you follow this article, you will shave your facial hair always in the best way possible and can avoid having a rash and other skin irritations, especially for people with a sensitive skin structure.

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