Aftershave – What It Is And What It Does

what does aftershave do

Have you contemplated utilizing aftershave, but didn’t know if it was worth the extra effort? If so, you are not alone. It is believed that the Romans were the first people to utilize aftershave.

The Romans believed that aftershave could kill germs and bacteria. Well, it can which is why it is still a very popular skincare product today. Of course, aftershave has changed over the decades for the better.

Today, aftershave is utilized for several different purposes. Continue reading this article to find out exactly what aftershave is and what it can do for you.

Best Aftershave for Men

Different Brands

When you research aftershave on the Internet, you will discover an entire list of brands. Each brand has ingredients that make it unique. However, the goal for modern manufacturers is to make their aftershaves so they can provide the most benefits.

Depending on your preferences and needs, you may want an aftershave that fights infections. Or, you may want an aftershave that balances the moisture in the skin.

Whatever the case may be, you will have to conduct extensive research and possibly do a bit of sampling before you find that perfect aftershave.


The Roman versions of aftershave contained ingredients that were capable of combating skin infections. The reason behind this theory is the razors utilized during the Roman Kingdom era were not designed to deliver a nick-free shave.

In fact, the Roman razor could not even deliver a comfortable shave. So, men had to deal with a lot of mishaps – nicks. Since infection has always been a concern, especially in that era, aftershave was applied immediately after shaving.

It wasn’t until 1928 when the first antibiotic was discovered. Modern aftershaves contain ingredients, such as isopropyl alcohol, which is capable of eradicating bacteria.

It also contains other ingredients that are effective against a broad range of microorganisms. Unfortunately, antiseptics do not actually kill microorganisms. But, they can prevent them from developing and growing.

Some brands utilize a combination of ingredients to prevent infections. For example, one of the top brands combines isopropyl alcohol and Chamomilla Recutita together to maximize the antiseptic effectiveness of its aftershave.


Modern aftershaves also contain ingredients that balance the moisture in the skin. The idea is to balance the moisture in the skin to fight against damage caused by daily exposures, such as the skin.

Some brands utilize oils and tocopherols to add moisture. These ingredients work to deliver the perfect amount of moisture, resulting in healthier skin.

Soothes The Skin

Shaving is very harsh on the skin, especially the facial area. Fortunately, manufacturers have taken the time to take this problem into consideration when designing their razors.

Regardless of what type of razor, electric or traditional, you utilize, it is only to be expected to experience some level of irritation. The solution is aftershave.

Aftershave contains ingredients that help soothe freshly shaven, irritated skin. These ingredients work together to alleviate skin irritation. Ingredients, such as aloe vera and oils, are commonly found in modern aftershaves.

These ingredients eliminate skin irritation and soften the skin simultaneously. So, you are guaranteed to get more from aftershaves that contain these ingredients.


While antiseptics and moisturizers play major roles in keeping the skin looking radiant and healthy, you should not forget about fragrances. Depending on your preferences, you may desire to utilize an aftershave that contains fragrances.

While some men prefer unscented aftershaves, other men want their aftershave to have a long last scent. Whatever the case may be, there are some brands that utilize essential oils and other ingredients to add appealing scents to their aftershaves.

For men who utilize a specific cologne, unscented aftershaves are going to be your best option. Utilizing too many products with different fragrances can be a little too much.

Keeps The Skin Cleaner

Unless you are utilizing an electric shaver, it is likely that you apply warm water to your skin before shaving. The warm water, along with shaving cream or gel, helps to prepare the skin for shaving.

If you are utilizing a traditional razor, you will have to combine warm water and shaving cream together to help reduce the damage caused by shaving.

With that said, warm water causes the skin pores to dilate or become more open. When this happens, there is a higher risk of breakouts and irritation.

Ingredients found in aftershaves helps keep the skin cleaner for longer. How does it do this? Well, it utilizes ingredients that constrict or close the skin pores.

When the skin pores are constricted, dirt has a more difficult time trying to penetrate into the pores. This alone helps to keep the skin cleaner and healthier.

Fights Wrinkles

Contrary to believe, men do worry about aging. While it is a natural process, men do not want to look their age. Unlike women, men have limited skincare products available to fight aging. So, their best option is probably going to be aftershave.

Most brands contain one or more ingredients that are capable of combating aging. These ingredients reduce wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in younger looking skin.

If you are one of those men who are concerned about looking your age, you should only consider brands that include vitamin C. This vitamin has anti-oxidizing properties that help reduce the signs of aging.

Best Aftershave for Men

Proper Way To Apply Aftershave

 Aftershave can be applied to the skin daily, with or without shaving. Some men utilize aftershave simply because it smells great and makes their skin feel cleaner and healthier.

Whatever the case may be, there is a proper way to apply aftershave. If you do not follow this routine, you could very well be minimizing the effectiveness of your aftershave.

  • First Step – Immediately after shaving rinse your face with cold water. Utilize your hands to make a bowl and fill it with cold tap water. Splash the cold water on your face and gently massage it into your skin. This will help to constrict the skin pores.
  • Second Step – Utilizing a soft towel, gently dry your skin. Do not rub your freshly-shaven skin because this will only risk more irritation. Pat your skin dry and then move on to step three.
  • Third Step – Pour a small amount of aftershave into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and apply the aftershave thoroughly to your skin. It is recommended to wait a few seconds before applying the aftershave. This will allow the alcohol to evaporate and eliminate any potential burning sensation. Massage the solution into your skin gently and thoroughly. Utilize your own discretion to whether or not apply a second coat.


 Aftershaves are made for men with all skin types. If you know your skin type, you will be able to make a more informed decision on which brand to invest in.

With that said, if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your aftershave, it is recommended to utilize a moisturizer.

If you choose to utilize a moisturizer, it should be applied prior to the aftershave. This will help remove dead skin and lock in moisture.

Only a small amount of moisturizer is required. The type of moisturizer truly does not matter because almost all the brands work the same. Just apply and massage a dab of moisturizer into the skin prior to utilizing an aftershave.

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